South Africa produces mainly large scale industrially made bread. The artisan baking community is small and although it is growing still needs much support. Due to historical factors and as a country having one of the biggest divides between rich and poor in the world, trying to source a good qualty healty loaf of bread is difficult.

Artisan baking means using the best quality ingriedents and traditional baking methods to produce a bread product that is healthier than commercially made products. Artisan bread products must be free from addictives and artificial enhancers that are used to increase airation and shelf life.   

Our Mission

Enabling small-scale artisan bakers to bake in off-the-grid rocket ovens.  To create a collective of artisan bakers who introduce their customers to alternative grains and wholesome bread.

BREADrev is a pioneer in the artisan bread industry, developing off-the-grid rocket ovens and educating South Africans about healthy artisan bread.
— Brett Nortjie, Schoon De Companje

What We've Achieved

  • Developed wood-fired rocket ovens that are completely off the grid and custom-designed to bake artisan bread.
  • Trained nearly 40 bakers since 2013.
  • Set up eight BREADshops since 2013.
  • Established Jedd's Handcrafted, our own BREADshop, based in Kalk Bay.
  • Been part of the University of Cape Town's post-graduate programme for entrepreneurship, teaching creativity to Management students.