New website

At BREADrev pioneering comes naturally. 

Many people who know BREADrev, will know that we began revving up the bread industry with the development of wood-fired rocket ovens in our back yard in Kalk Bay; our first bakery school was in Khayalitsha on a site with no running water and no electricity; the first BREADshop was located in a container and was closed down by local politicians.

One of our shortfalls, usually a result of enthusiasm and plenty of energy, is we think things are finished before they are.

In Jeremy's mind the small domestic oven is complete, although his latest prototype is still under construction; we have a BREADshop based in our home in Kalk Bay, although the range of artisan bread changes weekly; we have large commercial ovens ready to sell and distribute around the country but have changed our original model.

So this blog tells you to be with us on the journey.  Our ovens are ready, or nearly ready.  BREAD is available on Friday's from Jedd's Handcrafted.  Courses are available weekly with Jeremy as part of his usual Jedd's production for orders.  Training is via DVD and a manual.  All these things are someway on the path to completion.  In the meantime, we're baking for change